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Newsletter - Home for the Aged Ratchasima, Bangkok 7 August 2012
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     After the agreement between Diocese of Korat and St.Camillus Foundation of Thailand was signed we started to develop the Ratchasima Home for the Aged. An agreement was done to build the perimeter wall (nearly 200 meters are still missing) and open a new gate to access to the land. Within this year we build a multi functions small two store house to accommodate an office and a couple of rooms for the coordinators of the project in all its stages, this house will be near the main entrance and later used as PR office to do fund raising for the poor and homeless old people.
     A web-site is also ready to send you news of the work done and show the real face of the project. ( <>)
The blue print with details of the project and data to be sent to municipality to ask permission of construction is going to be finish within this year. C.B.S. Grpi[ Cp,[amu coordinated by Mr.Umberto Bordin is taking care of the design and the writing of the “blue print”. We plan to bless the first stone of the project in the beginning of the year 2013.

Fund Raising Korat Committee Meeting  On May 13, 2012  Fund Raising International Committee Meeting On June 24, 2012

     In this past three months we had a couple of meetings with the local and international fund raising committee members to explain the aim and details of Ratchasima   Home for the Aged. Mrs. Deeng, the coordinator on site of the project, is living in Korat, in to the compound of the Bishop’s house and building the network on fund raising.

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     We thank all the active members who were able to collect as much as 3,627,815 Baht (95,468 Euro) in the first period of three months. We have still to work hard in order to achieve the goal of raising 70 million baht in three years time! What we have done in these three months is great!

     We want to thank in a special way some of the most active members: Bishop Chusak Sirisut, Mrs.Sonia Vitali (PRO.SA Milan), Mrs.Busaba Kjtvanich, Mrs. Teresa Mittira Sawatchuto, Mrs.Welaiwan Ruungsukpipitana, Mrs.Walaiporn Sirijanda and the Central Fund Raising office of Lat Krabang (Mrs.Palida and Ronnachai)
     It is very important to reach out potential donors; the role of the fund raising member’s committee is not only to donate money by themselves, but to look for new supporters. So creativity and activeness are the very important elements…and a bit of luck too!
     We hope you are becoming more and more involved and motivated in this new project for the benefit of so many elders in need.
     May God Bless you and keep you in good health.
คุณพ่อ ยอห์น คอนตารีน    (Project Coordinator) Mobile 081-861-9427 อีเมล This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  

คุณพ่อเชิดชัย เลิศจิตรเลขา (Project Director) Mobile 089-895-1994 อีเมล This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  


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